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Why should you use Back Room SAM?

Here are 5 brilliant reasons to have SAM in your business...

1. SAM is Local

SAM is based in Lancaster and has a natural and persistent passion for local businesses and local trading to aid in fuelling the local economy. SAM knows and loves your city and knows what running a local Lancaster-based business involves. Let SAM bring some new energy into your business by giving it the helping hand it needs.

2. SAM is Flexible

SAM is here to suit you. Our in-built flexibility gives us the freedom to do whatever we can to support you and meet the unique needs of you and your business. SAM works for you as and when you need, and delivers services to you in whatever way you want, whether in the form of training or a 'done-for-you' service. Use SAM for a one-off job, or take advantage of SAM's discounted rates for regular work. Either way, SAM will happily work around you, your requirements and budget.

3. SAM is Affordable

The support SAM offers has been specifically designed to be accessible and cost-effective for local businesses at a price you can afford. Our no-nonsense approach means you will get the support you need at a fair price while still receiving an excellent standard of service and results you will be thrilled with. SAM will help you get the most out of your budget, and we will tailor our services to each client so that you don't pay for extras you don't want or need. We believe in ethical and transparent pricing so you know exactly how your money is being spent.
For more information about our prices click here.

4. SAM is Multi-talented

SAM has a wide range of services available so that SAM can do what is right for your business. SAM loves to take the initiative in your business, so whether you need a hand with general admin to get your business in order, need to sort out your online marketing or need help designing your next brochure, you can be sure SAM can provide what you need. And if next time you need us to do something different for you... well, that's just fine.

5. SAM is Personal

SAM's personal and bespoke nature is what makes us so special. Unlike many marketing agencies, we don't outsource any of the services we provide. No middle-man here - the person you meet is the person doing the work for you! We provide an approachable and down-to-earth service that removes any mysticism around marketing. SAM loves to get on board with our clients' businesses, wholeheartedly committing ourselves to your vision.

Back Room SAM is owned and run by Sarah Thornton. Click here to learn more about Sarah.

If you like the sound of Back Room SAM and think your business could benefit from the support we offer, get in touch and we'll simply start with a free and informal chat about how SAM can best help you in the Back Room.

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