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Special Packages

Our special support packages are designed for clients requiring specific types of support. Take a look at our available packages below...

Business Buddy Support Scheme

Biz Buddy Support Scheme Some businesses and organisations are at the stage where they require more regular ongoing support and coaching from SAM. If this is you, then our Business Buddy Support Scheme is right up your street. It's affordable and super-flexible!

Our ongoing training and support package is perfect for helping keep you focused and accountable when working to achieve your goals. It will also help to identify and prioritise the most important elements in your business at every stage.

When you join SAM's Business Buddy Support Scheme, you get the very best of Back Room SAM for a minimum of 3 months. We will partner with you and commit to helping you develop your business. At the same time you have the freedom and flexibility to decide how to use our services each month.

Here's what you will get every month...

A 1-hour one-to-one consulting session
A monthly session that's a mixture of business advice and encouragement, this gives us the opportunity catch up and discuss the challenges and achievements in your business this month and review any goals. We will also continue to identify the areas in which you would most benefit from our support.

2 hours work from SAM
How can Back Room SAM help you this month? Choose from our wide range of skills in training, problem-solving, technical skills, design and other practical support to assist you in running and growing your business.

15% off all additional services from SAM
As a special client signed up to the Business Buddy Support Scheme you will automatically receive a discount on all our other services should you require any additional support from Back Room SAM while a member of the scheme.

All this for just 95 per month

To find out more or to sign up to SAM's Business Buddy Support Scheme get in touch now.

"Check out SAM's Biz Buddy Support Scheme - regular support to help grow your business every month!"
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"As one of Sarah's Business Buddy clients, she has helped me with marketing advice and with copywriting, email sequence development and content creation. She is a pleasure to work with, full of good ideas and efficient. She has created a beautiful logo for my business and her technical wizardry (using software which left me scratching my head!), has been indispensable. Great! Highly recommended."

Rob Bee, Creatives Going Pro

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